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A little something I made earlier

 Title: The Draco Fic
Written for a fest and prompt that completely destroys the twists of the story. But once I actually write the twists I'll probably come back and spoil them. (As I'm not sure I have to follow the prompt to the letter anymore, as the prompter probably sin't going to see it.)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The war's dragging on, and no-one's totally sure what side they should be on, at least, no-one Draco respects is sure what side they should be on, and for some reason certain people are risking nearly everything for a book club. Draco, for probably the same reason, is one of them.

Is it painful hearing voices ring?Collapse )
‘He’s g-g-gone! Disapparated!’

She threw herself into a chair, curled up and started to cry.

Harry felt dazed. He stooped, picked up the Horcrux and placed it around his own neck. He dragged blankets off Ron’s bed and threw them over Hermione. Then he climbed on to his own bed and stared up at the dark canvas roof, listening to the pounding of the rain.
-End of Chapter Fifteen, The Deathly Hallows

When Hermione woke it was still dark, and it was still raining.Collapse )
Fandom: Merlin
Prompt: Merlin can't get home to Ealdor for Christmas due to the abnormally heavey snow fall so Arthur asks Merlin to Christmas dinner with him AND his father.
Prompter: owensheart 
Author Note: I have included (pre-evil)Morgana  because I love her as a character and her dynamics with Arthur and Uther were lovely.
Author Note 2: Sorry, it's late.

The custom in Camelot was to give all household staff a coupe of days off to visit family. Uther had preserved meats and cheeses left in his quarters and Arthur and Morgana spent a couple of days without personal servants.Collapse )
Fandom: Alex Rider
Prompt: Scorpia genetically modify/engineer / give genetic therapy to their agents, to make them semi-immortal. Alex runs into Yassen again.
Prompted by: ayboo_da_bish 

Alex had stood for a half hour on the side of that Indian track waiting for the bus, and by the time it arrived, he was feeling quite on edge.Collapse )

A/N I still have spaces in my adventchallenge  calendar, so it'd be great if you could help me pad out the last few!

Dec 3: Will and Ryder Cross Paths Again

Fandom: Young Americans
Prompt: Ryder and Will run into each other some time after Rawley
Prompter: minttown1 (link is being weird)


"Madam Krudski"Collapse )
There are still spaces in my adventchallenge  calendar if you want to post me a prompt!


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