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 Because my previous masterlist somehow screwed up it's formatting, by deleting entries each time I edit it. (I have absolutely no idea how this came to be.) And also there are now quite a few fics here (I am still shocked by the length of my masterlist) I thought it was probably possible to organise them a bit better.

Alex Rider

Scorpia has ways of ensuring damage control, and Alex runs into Yassen again. Written for ayboo_da_bish during adventchallenge ~550 words

Being Human

Things That Go Bump In The Night
She desperately wanted the book back. It was like a companion. A very scary, disturbing companion. But a companion just the same. Annie's POV George/Mitchell ~450 words

The Start Of Something New
George turns a girl and she turns up at the house. George/Mitchell if you really really want it to be. On Hiatus in the way that the format implies it will continue, but the content is pretty self contained and therefore I feel it doesn't need continuing. ~700 words

Notes on The Fridge
The result of Mitchell's springtime visit to the Post Office George/Mitchell. Multimedia fic (wordcount doesn't quite apply)

Falling Through
Everyone saw it but me.By the time I saw it, it was too late. Mitchell/Herrick (pilot actors) ~650 words

Reading George
Mitchell dreams of being human. Mitchell/George friendship. 177 words

Mistletoe is dangerous for werewolves. written for phantomreviewer during adventchallenge ~500 words

The Human Chronicles, written by myself and phantomreviewer
Those monthly organ failures catch up with George. Dark, and it gets darker. ~12,000 words Oh, my, 12,000 words . . .
The community for this fic can be found here.
The masterlist for this fic as found within my journal can be found here.

Of Vampire Movies and Watered Down Coke
George, Mitchell and Annie go to see a movie. Written for Yuletide 2009. Link takes you to AO3 archive.

The Demon's Lexicon

Two Drabbles; Suicide and Touch
(suicide is only discussed, not attempted) ~350 words (together)

Christmas Gifts for Under £20 Alan and Nick's small Christmas celebration. Written as a pinch hit for Yuletide 2009, link takes you to AO3

Dr Who

Diabolical Plan
A Doctor/Master drabble. ~250 words

Harry Potter

The Strangest Outcome
Luna narrates a party post-winning the war. Various pairings, none of which should be taken too seriously. Not that they aren't great pairings, but they aren't my favourites. They simply have interesting justifications ~1400 words

The One Where Where Harry *Isn't* Raped
Because I thought this fic existed, but I was wrong. But now I'm not! Written during adventchallenge for myself. WIP ~1700 words so far

The Draco Fic [WIP]
The war's dragging on, and no-one's totally sure what side they should be on, at least, no-one Draco respects is sure what side they should be on, and for some reason certain people are risking nearly everything for a book club. Draco, for probably the same reason, is one of them.
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four


The Feel of Magic
The Sound of Music with Merlin as Maria, Arthur as the Captain and The Slash Dragon as The Mother Superior Link is to Chapter 1, Chapter 2 is linked to at the end ~2200 words so far

I Can't Fit Into Your World Anymore (but I still need somewhere to fit)
Golden Gate Bridge AU. Suicidal themes. Hints at Merlin/Arthur ~1100 words

The Truth
Nun AU, Gwen/Morgana, originally written on kinkme_merlin ~650 words

Sleep Deprivation
University AU, Morgana and Gwen are flatmates. Originally written on kinkme_merlin ~350 words

We Live Such Fragile Lives
Postsecret-style postcards for the OT4.

Tuppence For The Boatman, time and time again
Reincarnation fic. [triggers: discussion of death] ~500 words

Being a Brilliant Ruler
Merlin cannot be with his family at Christmas, and ends up with Arthur, and Arthur's father. Written for owensheart during adventchallenge

Ouran High School Host Club

Sakura Kiss
Tamaki seems excited . . Haruhi seems suspicious crack. much much crack

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Fujioka
Or 'The One With The Western Musical Number In It'.
[The following is an accurate transcript of Host Club events between the hous of 3:07 and 3:10]

The Grinch
Host club do The Grinch a fan-manga. Written for cheriestar during adventchallenge

Young Americans

Will and Ryder run into each other sometime after Rawley written for minttown1 during adventchallenge


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