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Northern Lights Chapter Two

Chapter 2, The Idea of North
"She knew the scholars well: the Librarian, the Sub-Rector, the Enquirer and the rest; they were men who had been around all her life, taught her, chastised her, consoled her, given her little presents, chased her away from the fruit trees in the Garden; they were all she had for a family."
Good God, they're God!

Master: The devil! He knew about the wine, I'm sure of it.
Librarian: He's going to ask for funds. If he forces a vote -
Master: If he does that, we might just argue against, with all the eloquence we have.
The funny bit I find here is calling our Angel the devil.
We should probably also be aware that the Librarian is on the Master's side.

Dust is introduced. looking like light, it comes down and surrounds humans, including 'unsevered children". There is a city covered in Dust in the sky.

Azriel has calmly returned a severed head of a Scholar, associated with the College and The German Academy. It has been scalped and there is a hole in the top of it's skull. (Is there a hole in the top of the skull? / "You are [correct]" / "Trepanning?" / "Exactly" <-what does this mean?)

Then a lot of people, places and organisations are introduced:
-Tartars have been seen scalping people. 
-Scalping is a technique found among the aboriginals of Siberia and the Tungusk, from whence it spread to the land of the Skraelings.
-It is banned in New Denmark.
-The Tartars are not usually found as north as this man was killed, are they still suspects?
-Svalbard is the place near which the man was found dead.
-The paserbørne are suggested to have had something to do with this, as they are apparently near Svalbard (my own inference, as their --involvement was suggested immediately after confirmation of the previous statement.)
-Iofur Raknison is king of Svalbard and one of the paserbøne, a "usurpur, of sorts", powerful, may have tricked his way onto the throne, clever, eccentric (built a palace of imported marble, the fact he started a university is also used as proof of this though I find that a commendable thing), could be flattered into behaving better but it wouldn't surprise people if he had started scalping people in the Tartar fashion. Raknison desperately wants a daemon. (Not everyone has them! We learn more!)

The Master and the Librarian talk alone, with only an omnipresent narrator so as not to warp our views. They seem more reasonable than before:
The Master argues they only tried to kill Azriel because "the question was whether doing that would be worse than the consequences of not doing it".
Apparently the althiometer warns of terrible things if Azriel continues his research.
They also want to keep "the child" (Lyra, we assume) safe for as long as possible. An admirable desire.
Chapter 1, The Decanter of Tokay

A decanter is a jug for wine/alcohol.

Tokay is sweet (usually), white wine from Holland. The legendary Tokay Eszencia, a concentrated sweet essence of low alcohol famed for its miraculous restorative properties, is virtually unobtainable today. (It's hard to create, the method is not lost.)

The chapter opens with layers of luxury. The places on the high table are "laid with gold, not silver" and the seats were "not oak benches but mahogany chairs with velvet cushions." Emphasis is placed on the darkness, not being heard. Despite this Lyra flicks a glass on the high table (the biggest) and lets it ring until scolded.

While sneaking into the barred-to-women Retiring Room, the two things Lyra observes are that "they do themselves well", and wonders what the men talk about within the room. Look, a character is building through the things she does and says!

The Master asks whether Asriel has arrived. Azrael is the name of the Archangel of Death in some JudaeoChristian texts that are not the Bible. "Sir Azreal" is also a knight of the round table, though I find no reference to this other than Wikipedia.

Asriel is "feared and admired" by Lyra, and very mysterious and unpredictable, rumoured to be very powerful.

Asriel is apparently partial to Tokay, and the Master appears to poison his decanter full of it. At this point the wine is described as "rich, golden", both of which we have seen in the first few pages. Gold explicitly, riches implicitly. And now it's been poisoned.

Lyra is quick to believe the powder is poisonous ("If it was innocent it wouldn't have mattered the Butler seeing"), and that something big and political is going down. This being a book (and therefore, about something) we're inclined to agree. She's smart. Pan quibbles and is "sensible", but agrees with the poison idea. Character development all round!

Pan argues that they should let the Masters do whatever they please. Lyra says "You're supposed to know about conscience, aren't you?" I don't remember much about the exact nature of daemons, so this is interesting. Also, do they not have any affection for Lord Azriel?

Azriel Adjectives: tall, powerful, fierce, dark, savage, large, balanced.

Awesome Quotes on "Funny" -isms

"...using “PC” as an insult {...} is designed to dismiss someone’s point without acknowledging it, addressing it, or implying that the author’s opinions have any kind of value"

"Saying that people deserve to be treated like human beings and that discourse should be respectful has nothing to do with being too sensitive, and everything to do with genuinely believing that people should be treated equally."
- http://meloukhia.net/2009/07/hipster_racism.html

The entierity of this post (http://disabledfeminists.com/2009/11/05/hipster-ableism/) is also great.

I've posted these here mainly because I don't want to forget or lose them, and they're public because I'm hardly ever logged in and I don't like logging in to look at stuff.




Hey all, head over to help_japan  and bid/decide to offer something up!

I personally, if anyone wants my work, will be offering:

drabbles (~100 words)  and
2 short stories (>1000 words)   (these are combinable if you want something longer)
1 A4 artwork, either fine line or copic (ink) greyscale (this you can have sent to you if you wish, shipping costs if outside the UK should be donated to relief efforts)

My friends who do not have LJ have so far offered (through me)
1 audio track, either a folk remix of any song, or an original song based on whatever story/feeling/character you like.
1 A4 Fine line & wash of any comic book character.

non-character-specific drabble

 [Angst, undefined in the people involved.]

After the explosion, after the ringing finally stopped, other things emerged to have also stopped.

When you stirred a cup of tea the spoon didn’t clink, and you had to hold the rim of the cup to prove it hadn’t suddenly become something that isn’t china. When you woke up in the morning on the second floor the birds didn’t make any noise, and the sheets didn’t rustle.

When he comes home and kisses you on the cheek you don’t hear the purse of his lips release itself.

But he knows how to say your name at a low enough pitch for you to hear it, and most of the time that’s enough.



 Because my previous masterlist somehow screwed up it's formatting, by deleting entries each time I edit it. (I have absolutely no idea how this came to be.) And also there are now quite a few fics here (I am still shocked by the length of my masterlist) I thought it was probably possible to organise them a bit better.

Alex RiderCollapse )

Being HumanCollapse )

The Demon's LexiconCollapse )

Dr WhoCollapse )

Harry PotterCollapse )

MerlinCollapse )

Ouran High School Host ClubCollapse )

Young AmericansCollapse )

Present for seekintoyou, merlin_santa

Title:  Getting What One Wants
Medium: Fanfic with incorporated fanart
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Merlin/Arthur, Morgana/Gawain, Gwen, Lancelot, Uther
Warnings: Mind control
Comments: 1. I made Morgana a (semi-)main character because a) it fitted the plot and b) you asked me not to kill her so I assumed you liked her.
2. I couldn't write a canonical 'reveal', so have an AU one!
3. If it's not angsty enough, pretend they were wrong.
4. I'm sorry it didn't arrive on Christmas morning.
Summary: If one always gets what one wants, how can it have been given freely?

Egads, I'm proud of this. Then again, when I look back on it I'll probably hate it.Collapse )

Music Rant

 How, how, could music have been published with several E-sharps and at least one bar missing half a beat? I mean . . . . AARGH!! 

On another note, I apologise for the lack of [info]adventchallenge  fics, I'll try to write them eventually, but I want to make sure my secret santa fics are dons so no-one is left out or disappointed.


Lily’s boy, who’d grown up in a thousand year old Christmas card of a village, was one of few children who felt halfway comfortable as they entered Hogwarts. He’d visited once before, when his parents had gone to visit Professor McGonagall, but that was years before, and he’d only had vague recollections of mullioned windows and a very, very tall, stern woman.

However, the school was drenched in it’s era, as was Godric’s Hollow, and due to them being similar ages, there was a vague sense of home about it.

It was a comfortable enough place to be when waiting for your fate to be decided, and it was all going relatively well, until he sat up on the stool, the hat fell over his eyes and he heard the same word that the hat had said for the boy behind him.

"Slytherin!"Collapse )
Title: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Fujioka
Rating: PG
Summary: Haruhi is late for Host Club. The Host Club discuss this phenomenon through the medium of song. (crack)
Helpful things: Youtube "how do you solve a problem like Maria" for the almost punchline.

Banner by nicluv1787 

[The following is an accurate transcript of Host Club events between the hours of 3:07 and 3:10.]Collapse )



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